Win a Critique from me at Crits for Water!

Want to help a great cause and have me critique the first chapter of your YA or MG manuscript? The amazing Kat Brauer works tirelessly over at her charity Crits for Water to raise money for clean drinking water around the world.

From her website: Every week, about 30,000 people die from unsafe water or poor sanitation. Women and children walk billions of hours to collect that unsafe water. And the walk itself can be dangerous. As they carry the 40 pound water jugs, they’re vulnerable to harassment and sexual assault.

The water crisis also affects governments. In Africa, approximately $28 billion is lost every year because of bad water and sanitation. Lack of available water slows or stops investment, limiting economic growth.

So what can you do? Head on over to her website and pledge for a critique from me, or check out some of the other amazing critiques being offered up in the coming weeks. Past donors even include my amazing agent, Suzie Townsend.

And since I feel as if I should include a testimonial or some sort as to why you want a critique from me:

“You. Want. This.” -Kathy Bradey

As for my silence this week…I’ve been at BEA! Stay tuned for a recap and mega giveaways.

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